STEAM Learning @ ASA

May 9th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Submit to the STEAM Expo! - DEADLINE MAY 10TH

Calling all middle school mathematicians! The Gauss competitions for middle school students will take place this coming week, May 13th - 17th. Sign up with your teacher or math coach!

We are proud to offer more English language math competitions this year due to the hard work of Mr. Travis Reynolds and Mr. Tim Kennedy. Mathematics and computing contests are a fun way for students to grow their problem-solving skills, build confidence and get creative with math and computer science. CEMC contests are taken by students around the world, designed by teams of expert educators for Grades 5 to 12, and are a great fit for students with a range of abilities—from learners who want to explore math and computer science and develop their confidence, to advanced students who want to stretch their limits. Go ASA Mathematics!

May 2nd

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Submit to the STEAM Expo! - DEADLINE MAY 10TH



The 2024 STEAM Expo at ASA will stop accepting student submissions in one week. All students in grades 1-12 have until May 10th, 10 pm, to submit their projects. The STEAM Expo will go online from May 27th and judging will take place throughout the week.


Submit your Project: Use the entry template to submit your project. You have until May 10th to tweak or modify it. 

Get Inspired: On May 27th, all projects will be posted online. Be sure to check out the Expo and support your fellow young scientists, artists, engineers, and innovators.

Be Recognized: Judging is based on project quality, originality/creativity, and communication. Awards and results will be announced at the end of the week

Online STEAM Expo:

Expo Submissions Form:

Check out the incredible submissions of last year's STEAM Expo!

April 25th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Interdisciplinary Projects

We love science at ASA! Science gives us tools to change the world to make it a better place. Science helps us see the beauty of the world and respect it even more. Check out these two amazing interdisciplinary science projects in our elementary and middle school.

Students in grade 4 are learning about modern consumption and waste challenges in their science class. They are taking their scientific arguments into STEAM class to create public awareness science brochures. Here are the topics they are learning about:

Students in grade 7 have been learning about the planets, constellations, and phases of the moon while analyzing Vincent Van Gogh expressionist movement and the famous Starry Night painting. Students had to recreate a starry night from any part of the world using tools to depict a scientific and accurate sky. Take a look at their amazing creations!

April 18th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Join the High School or Middle School Robotics teams!

Robotics is now an integrated part of ASA. Our middle and high school clubs and teams regularly meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school in the Makerspace to build, play, practice, and prepare for competitions. Interested in joining? If you’re a 5th grader or a middle school student, you are invited to join the collaborative club to get ready for the FIRST Lego League Challenge for next year. If you are a high school student you are encouraged to be part of the Super Team that is applying to represent Paraguay one more time in the FIRST Global Challenge. Team meetings are every Tuesday and Thursday in the Makerspace right after school. Go RoboGators!!!

April 11th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

7th Grade Sustainable Cities - Urban Improvement in Asuncion

Every year students in 7th grade create neighborhood improvement designs focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is an example of an outcome-based assessment that is authentic and meaningful for students. When students are given the guidance and choice to investigate meaningful ideas, they can truly reenvision our world to make it a better place. This process is supported by the ASA design cycle and cultures of thinking. Student ideas include community gardens, health initiatives, nature-based apartments, community clean-ups, and more, and could be created through physical models, publications, presentations, or digital creations. 

6th Grade Interdisciplinary Passion Projects

All 6th-grade students showed their ability to make connections between subjects and their personal lives by recently presenting their interdisciplinary passion projects. Students created bilingual presentations showcasing a passion project and its positive impact on themselves or their community. They integrated language arts skills, made the presentations bilingual, and highlighted the role of math and science in measuring their project's progress. Here are a few of the specific components of the projects and their relevance to student growth

April 4th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

SAVE THE DATES - Art Show / STEAM Expo / Tri-M / Special Surprise

This coming May 27th to 31st ASA will once again open its doors to all parents and selected community members for a week of artistic, academic, and intellectual celebrations. This includes our famous annual Art Show, our online STEAM Expo (now to include four select schools in Asuncion), Tri-M concerts, as well as a special surprise this year. More details will be shared later, but for now, get ready for the following events! 

Mar 14th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Guest Physics Lecture - Dr. Eduardo Galiano, ASA Alumni ‘79

ASA alumni continue to give back to the community and make our school a better place. AP Physics and AP Calculus students were recently visited by Dr. Eduardo Galiano Riveros, an alumni from 1979, for a special presentation on the life and career of a physicist. Dr. Galiano shared his early influences from ASA, his university experiences in physics and medicine, and his career journey as a physics professor and medical researcher. Currently, Dr. Galiano is the head of the Paraguayan Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Authority. We warmly look forward to future collaborations with Dr. Galiano and other ASA alumni in STEAM careers to ensure that we truly do prepare our students to make Paraguay, and the world, a better place.

Mar 7th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Photography through Art and Chemistry

Students in 6th-grade art have been experimenting with using a safe chemical process to emulate the process of photography. This process is called cyanotyping and the unit is led by our very own Mrs. Fiorella Giannattasio. Cyanotype photography is a camera-less technique that involves laying an object on paper coated with a solution of iron salts before exposing it to UV light and washing it with water to create stunning white and Prussian blue images. This is a great example of what is possible when science and art come together to create works of beauty.

Feb 29th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Waterloo Math Competition in High School

Students in middle and high school have more opportunities to participate in English language math competitions this year due to the hard work by Mr. Travis Reynolds and Mr. Juan Enciso. Our high school students recently participated in the annual University of Waterloo Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) math contests as part of their standard classwork. These contests are available for students from grades 7 to 12 and are all named after famous mathematicians, including Gauss, Pascal, Fermat, Euclid, and Caylay. Mathematics and computing contests are a fun way for students to grow their problem-solving skills, build confidence and get creative with math and computer science. CEMC contests are written by students around the world, designed by teams of expert educators for Grades 5 to 12, and are a great fit for students with a range of abilities—from learners who want to explore math and computer science and develop their confidence, to advanced students who want to stretch their limits. Go ASA Mathematics!

Feb 22nd

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Learning to Code with Robots

Learning to code is so much more than numbers and symbols. It’s a way to create new ideas, solve problems, and collaborate with classmates. Students in elementary, middle, and high school all have opportunities to learn to code within their classes and as part of extracurricular clubs. Block coding is an accessible start for all students due to its simplicity and ability to share. Block coding has all the basic functions of text-based coding, such as loops and conditional statements, as well as additional functions for interfacing with physical robots or objects. Go ahead and ask your child if they’ve been coding lately! I bet you’ll be surprised by their response.

Feb 15th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

FIRST Lego League National Competition

Once again ASA students have participated in the FIRST Lego League Paraguay National Championship. This year was the largest showing of ASA students with three elementary school teams in the EXPLORE division and two middle school teams in the CHALLENGE division. FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology” and is the foremost international program in encouraging youth to experience STEM learning and challenges. Every year students must work out a solution to a problem related to the theme (this year was about the arts in STEM) and then meet for regional, national, and international tournaments to compete, share their knowledge, compare ideas, and display their robots. Students build a robot, use it to compete on a field of challenges, and develop an innovation project based on the theme of the year. We are so proud of our 34 students who participated! Of our eligible 1st to 8th graders, over 7% of ASA’s student body is represented. That means that for about every dozen students, one of them is on a robotics team. Go RoboGators!

Feb 8th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

We're excited to share that the International Day of Women and Girls in Science is approaching on February 11th! At ASA, we're preparing to commemorate this event. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is an annual event recognized by the United Nations General Assembly. Its purpose is to advocate for the complete and equitable involvement of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. This day also serves as a reminder of the invaluable contributions made by women and girls in the field of science, and we're so fortunate to have a group of talented and dedicated women and girls within our ASA community who are actively shaping the landscape of STEAM through really cool projects. From our enthusiastic students engaged in experiments and coding projects to our educators fostering curiosity and pushing boundaries, the efforts of these individuals are truly remarkable. As we anticipate February 11th, we invite you to join us in acknowledging and celebrating these admirable individuals: Click HERE to learn more about the inspiring work, projects, and goals of ASA's women and girls in STEAM! (Including exclusive interviews)

Feb 1st

STEAM Learning @ ASA

STEM School of Excellence

ASA is once again proud to announce that we have been awarded as a STEM School of Excellence by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA). This special designation celebrates schools whose teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders are providing meaningful STEM education experiences for students and inspiring others to learn effective best practices and instructional strategies to enhance their own programs. This is ASA’s second year being awarded this honor and is a testament to our ongoing STEAM program development and learning opportunities for students. This is possible due to parent and community support, high-quality learning experiences curated by our teachers, and students who meaningfully engage in real-world and authentic STEAM challenges. The is an honor for the whole community to celebrate! Hurray! Our entire STEAM team in the secondary school is proud to celebrate this achievement and welcomes you to the 70th anniversary year of ASA.

Check out some of the highlights from the application! These include our STEAM Pathway graduates, TECHO & CCPA community service, the annual Art Show / STEAM Expo, professional development of ASA, and more!

Dec 14th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Summer STEAM Opportunities

STEAM Summer Activities - 2023/24

Dec 7th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

High School STEAM Pathways

We are proud to share that ten ASA juniors and seniors successfully completed their STEAM Pathways Capstone presentations. A Capstone presentation is similar to a thesis or dissertation defense where students complete an extended research project or community internship and present their learning to a panel of specialists for approval. Their Capstone must align with the STEAM Pathway they selected: Biomedical, Engineering Design, Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, or Digital/Fine Arts. Check out images of the various internships and projects that our Pathway students completed. Congrats to all the successful presentation defenses! 

Nov 30th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

High School FTC Robotics Scrimmage

The HS robotics team completed a successful community outreach scrimmage this past Saturday. Over 30 students from four different Fundacion Paraguay schools participated in a robotics workshop on Friday and a friendly competition on Saturday. This is the 3rd time that ASA has invited other schools to learn about the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics league for high school students and is becoming a part of our STEAM outreach. We are proud of our students, our visitors from Poway Engineering Academy in San Diego, and all participants. Looking forward to hosting another sooner than later!

Nov 16th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Cerro Koi Field Trip & High School FTC Robotics Scrimmage

Every year the 4th grade students take a scientific excursion to Cerro Koi to observe the unique rock formations there as part of their earth science unit. Our environmental explorers took their science notebooks with them to make observations in the form of diagrams, notes, and questions as they observed the geology of Cerro Koi. Students also learned about native plants, some of which have uses in terere, and the animals that inhabit the national park. Well done 4th graders!

The high school robotics club is once again inviting various public schools in Asuncion and beyond to participate in a Nov 17th robotics building workshop and a Nov 18th unofficial FIRST Tech Challenge scrimmage. This is the 3rd time that ASA has hosted a workshop and competition as part of our robotics community outreach. For this round, ASA has invited six schools from the Fundacion Paraguay network to come to our campus and build bots alongside our students. To support this robotics community outreach, students from Poway High School Engineering Academy from San Diego California will be on campus during the workshop and scrimmage. Join us this Saturday, Nov 18th from 9 am - 1 pm at the ASA Cultural and Sports Complex if you want to see what all the buzz is about!

Nov 9th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

CCPA Community Service & FLUODER Chemical Plant Field Trip

ASA students from the STEAM Club visited CCPA School for another community service outreach trip. The student leaders prepared an engineering design challenge that delved into the world of forces and creativity. Armed with pasta, popsicle sticks, paper, and hot glue guns, they gave the participants the challenge of constructing structures that could defy gravity and bear a weight of at least 1kg. These young students from CCPA and several other schools enjoyed putting their imaginations to the test, hypothesizing about structural stability, and then bringing their innovative ideas to life, following the ASA’s design cycle. The result was unbelievable, check out their awe-inspiring structures!

8th grade students took their chemistry studies to a new level by visiting the FLUODER chemical plant in Villeta this week. Students learned three different chemical experiences at the site. The first was how sulfur as a ras material is imported and heated to produce sulphuric acid after a series of chemical changes. The second was how salt is combined with water to create a brine which can be energized to separate the sodium and chlorine elements, each of which can be used to produce further chemical products. The third was how these products are tested for purity and quality using laboratory equipment to ensure that final materials are fit to be sold and used by private and public companies. This experience was undoubtedly popular with 8th grade students who saw that industrialization and chemical engineering are both very interesting and profitable career opportunities here in Paraguay.

Nov 2nd

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Biome Bottles & November Robotics Scrimmage

The amazing 5th-grade students recently created biomes using some soil, plants, containers, and their imagination. This science project explored what would occur in a sealed or open container to organic materials. Students hypothesized their ideas and then put them into practice by creating their own biomes. Check them out!

The high school robotics team is once again hosting an FTC National Scrimmage open to any team in Asuncion that has a remote control robot, including EV3s, Spikes, Vex IQs, TETRIXs, and REVs. The free workshop will be open only to schools in the Fundacion Paraguay network to ensure that public schools also have access to a level of robotics beyond the FIRST Lego League. The main event on Saturday, Nov 18th, will be a fun and friendly scrimmage where teams compete alongside and against each other in the Centerstage challenge. Once again, this workshop and scrimmage is possible due to the support of Poway High School and Engineering Academy in San Diego, California, as part of Team Spyder’s global robotics community outreach. We look forward to hosting again and see you then!

Oct 26th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

ASA Hosts 3rd Annual Latin American STEAM Institute

This Oct 27th and 28th ASA is hosting our 3rd annual STEAM Educators Virtual Institute. This online event is open to all AMISA schools in the Latin American region to promote and share STEAM learning best practices. Educators at ASA have the opportunity to attend two keynote sessions and over 20 workshops on topics such as innovation, robotics, learning pedagogy, engineering, biomimicry, and more. ASA teachers are hosting eight workshops and educators from nine other top international schools in Latin America are hosting the remaining alongside curriculum partners.

Oct 19th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Listen to a NASA Astronaut at Ben Franklin Science Corner

STEAM Opportunities: Listen to a NASA speaker.

This Friday at 18:30hs. Lucas Paganini, a speaker from NASA, will be at the Benjamin Franklin Science Corner. You can find the Ben Franklin Science Corner at Andrés Barbero 230 c/ Artigas. ASA considers the Ben Franklin Science Corner one of our key partners in promoting STEAM education in Paraguay. We look forward to seeing you there! Learn more here

Oct 12th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

PTA Picnic Girls in STEAM & RoboGators Heading Home

During the PTA picnic, the high school robotics team set up a practice mat for anyone in the community to come by and try their hand at driving a robot. Robotics is a club and sport typically comprised of boys and young men, but that is changing. More and more girls and young women are getting involved, taking leadership positions, and mentoring other ladies. The team is proud to share STEM learning with so many young ASA gators, especially the next generation of female leaders!

The RoboGators safely arrived in Singapore, competed in the FIRST Global Challenge, and now are on their way back home. They are so proud of all the support they received, including a national decree from the government, and look forward to giving back to the community. Be on the lookout for a Nov 17th/18th friendly scrimmage on ASA’s campus! Poway High School Engineering Academy will be visiting ASA again and supporting us as we launch another amazing robotics event. Hope to see you there!

Oct 5th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Grade 5 Robots in Space & HS Trip to the Centro Experimental de Recursos Medicinales

5th grade students are using the elementary Lego robotics kits to simulate how robots can be used in space. This interdisciplinary project combines their science class with STEAM to design, build, and code a Lego robot that would model the function of a robot in space. Ideas that students created are lunar rovers, mining machines, security machines, and more. Well done 5th graders!

ASA 9th graders took their biology and Guarani learning into the field with a recent trip to the Centro Experimental de Recursos Medicinales. Students took a hike through the forest, found native plants, practiced their names and uses, and tried various fruit juices grown locally. This field trip was an interdisciplinary collaboration between the subjects biology and Guarani, part of ASA promise to create meaningful and relevant learning experiences for students. We’ll done 9th grade team!

Sept 20th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Middle School Rocks! & RoboGators Meet the US Ambassador

6th grade students in middle school are studying geology through hands-on exploration! Kids are exploring the three different types of rocks, the forces that create them, and how you can determine historical information through rocks. This sort of hands-on learning is a key component of STEAM learning where students are immersed in real-world experiences. We all know that ASA Middle School Rocks!

Our RoboGators high school robotics team recently met with Mr. Marc Ostfield, US Ambassador to Paraguay, and his staff to show their commitment to STEAM education and demonstrate the current progress of their robot. Mr. Ostfield asked the team about their design process, how STEAM community service from ASA is reaching underserved communities, and what is needed to get more females involved in STEAM. The team is proud to have the support of the US Embassy and looks forward to continuing to build on previous collaborations and develop STEAM learning experiences for all students in Par

Sept 14th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Egg Drop Engineering & RoboGators Sponsors

Middle school students put their engineering design skills to the test with the annual Egg Drop Challenge! Students designed ways for an egg to survive a fall from the top of the STEAM building. Students typically build a cage to soften the impact of the egg or a parachute to reduce the fall speed, but every year we see unique and creative ways to protect the egg. The ASA Design Cycle is based on the NGSS engineering process where students must define the challenge, develop a solution, and then optimize their model based on data feedback.

Our mighty RoboGators are less than a month away from Singapore and grateful for all the sponsorship that is coming their way. They recently met the Paraguayan, Treasury Minister, Carlos Fernández Valdovinos, to give a demonstration of their robot and formally request for governmental support in purchasing enough robotics for public schools to establish the FIRST Tech Challenge high school league of robotics.

In case you missed it, they are raising funds to support two big endeavors:

Learn more about how to be part of the next league of robotics this year in Paraguay! 

Donate now to make a difference -

Sept 7th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Makerspace Updates & RoboGators

The Makerspace in the STEAM building is growing and updating based on students' needs! There are now two additional 3D printers, more tools to use, and more tinkering materials. Students in the middle and high school use the Makerspace to bring their projects to life. For example, Mr. Lipperer’s 8th-grade students are building their famous egg drop parachutes and using the supplies provided in the Makerspace to create these projects during school hours. All students who use materials in the Makerspace are required to complete a safety quiz and certain tools are only to be used under adult supervision. 

Our high school RoboGators robotics team is one month away from Singapore! They are busy fundraising, doing community outreach, meeting with governmental officials, and building their robot! Check out the current progress on their robot and SPONSOR THE TEAM HERE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!.

August 30th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

Solar Systems & FGC Robot Updates

Our amazing 5th grade students once again impress us with their solar system models! Every year our 5th grade class explores the solar systems and culminates this investigation with a physical model. Students present these models to their classes, share fun facts about the planets, and give constructive feedback to each other. Projects like this are researched and developed both in class and at home. Students are encouraged to consider their parents as partners in the learning process, but it is the students who are responsible for the products of their learning. 

The High School RoboGators team is working hard on their robot. The team spent an entire Saturday building the frame, connecting the motors, and wiring the various hubs. The robot still has a ways to go, but the current progress shows the holoscopic base, the control and expansion hub, and the chained intake delivery system. Go RoboGators

August 23rd

STEAM Learning @ ASA

ASA Robotics & Asuncion’s Maker Faire

Our high school robotics team reached out to the community once more by participating in the Asuncion Maker Faire this last Saturday. Our FGC RoboGators robotics team shared circuitry kits, 3D printers, 3D scanners, and our collection of FIRST Tech Challenge-approved robots with community members of all ages. This is just one more example of how our team is making a difference in the community by changing perceptions that robotics is for everyone. Go RoboGators!

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August 16th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

ASA RoboGators Need Your Support - FUNDRAISING

Our High School Robotics team needs your help! We are raising funds to support two big endeavors:

Learn more about how to be part of the next league of robotics this year in Paraguay! 

Donate now to make a difference -

The Asuncion Maker Faire is back again! A Maker Faire is a platform for students and community members to show & tell what they've been making, share what they're learning, and inspire their communities. Join the ASA STEAM team this Saturday at Shopping Del Sol as we share some of our favorite tech toys, specifically our 3D printers, 3D scanner, LittleBits electronics kits, and TETRIX robots. The booth will also feature a chance to get to know the FGC RoboGators team members and learn about their “Road to Singapore”.

August 9th

STEAM Learning @ ASA

ASA RoboGators Need Your Support - FUNDRAISING

Our High School Robotics team needs your help! They are raising funds to support two big endeavors:

Sponsorship can come from companies, NGOs, established organizations, and even individuals or families. Based on the level of donation, the team will give sponsors special recognition, access, and publicity.

Here are the five levels of sponsorship

Be part of the next league of robotics this year in Paraguay! Donate now to make a difference.

The payment method is by donation through bank transfer directly to the American School of Asuncion using the following information. Please note in the transfer the purpose is for the 2023 FGC Robotics Team. Legal invoices corresponding to the donations made will be presented, please contact Denis Rodriguez ( for more details on the process.

A huge thanks to all parents who came to the recent STEAM Parent Community Chat. The presentation covered the following topics: 1) Design @ ASA, 2) G1-12 Robotics Clubs, & 3) STEM Certification. 

Find the complete presentation and parent feedback here.

August 3rd

STEAM Learning @ ASA

STEAM Learning Parents Chat & K-12 Robotics

Welcome to the new school year! We look forward to inviting you back onto our campus and have reserved this Friday afternoon, 2:30 - 3:30 as an opportunity for all parents to come and learn more about STEAM programming at ASA. Join us in the Innovation Center (2nd floor of the STEAM Building) for an afternoon chat followed by an open Q&A session. All parents are welcome!

Robotics clubs in all three divisions are ready to start a new year! This year we are ensuring that every student from 1st grade to 12th grade has an opportunity to join a robotics club. We continue to partner with FIRST Inspires, Espacios De Ser, and our other external partners to ensure that ASA remains at the forefront of robotics education and activities in Paraguay and Asuncion. Here’s a quick breakdown of robotics clubs and the event opportunities they have during the year. Sign-up information will come directly from club coaches and through the division offices.

Missed the STEAM Expo last year? It’s still online!



Check out the over 175 submissions from our elementary, middle, and high school students!